We shall endeavour as a free and democratically constituted association to promote, foster and actively maintain the social, cultural and economic ties that exist between our adopted country of Canada and our motherland of Sri Lanka.

We shall function as an effective channel for inter-community exchanges that are designed to improve the understanding and relations that exist between the people and institutions of Canada and those in Sri Lanka.

We shall at all times uphold unequivocally, the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the national unity of both Canada and Sri Lanka.

We shall make every effort to carry out educational and other programs for the specific purpose of safeguarding the democratic way of life, and further support and protect the Constitutional guarantees of equality and fundamental rights of all the citizens of both Canada and Sri Lanka.

We shall freely express our independent views in the pursuit of our Mission's objectives, and in so doing, always be a voice of reasonableness and restraint in the interest of the peaceful evolution of the widest possible consensus and concord on all issues of mutual concern.