03rd October 2005






IDIRIYA (meaning ‘in front’) is a voluntarily formed team of carefully selected people (that’s to preserve the integrity, honesty and dedication to work) as a not-for-profit Humanitarian Service Organization under a positive looking leadership of mine. IDIRIYA  IS  a  REGISTERED and Recognised Non-Governmental Organisation with the Ministry for Social Welfare under the Sri Lankan Government, bearing the Registration Number  MSS / 7 / 8 / R / 2 / 125. 


Our aim is to serve the disAbled people in general and a wide range of people living in society with restricted mobility in particular and experiencing pain and frustrations. We are embarking on advocacy and empowerment to make a positive difference to their lives. We are not yet able to afford professional fund-raisers even to generate funds for our general administration functions.


We recognize the potential of the philanthropic dollar. The Dollars that we appeal and invite here to kindly generate through your kind and understanding endeavours for a ‘Humanitarian Service Project’, will soon benefit the lives of tens of thousand ‘disAdvantaged’ people of Sri Lanka, amongst whom large numbers get excluded daily from Societal Inclusion!! Sadly 99% of all buildings here, are yet not accessible on Wheelchairs.



We sincerely trust, you could very kindly,  give a THOUGHT to this aspect with HUMAN TOUCH, please, and appeal to you to look at this very special ‘humanitarian appeal’, as an opportunity that will ENABLE at least some INDIVIDUALS, to do something about a grievous rising social problem and brighten their lives!


Today tens of thousand of Sri Lankans are disAbled and also disAdvantaged because of faulty designing of buildings!  This includes majority of our ever increasing Senior Citizens. Not less than 70% of them, mostly still in their youth, are still Able People.  But…….., quality of their lives is much affected due to restricted mobility, and thereby denying opportunities for community participation and social inclusion. This means they are trapped in a vicious cycle of social exclusion and poverty. It is a grave rising social problem that wastes precious human potential; and all people of the entire country, for different reasons, run an equally high risk of becoming potential victims!


It is of utmost importance that ‘planned endeavours’ should be made soon to include ways and means to improve and achieve the best possible quality of life for them, their families and carers with compassion. They form the biggest Stakeholder Group as direct beneficiaries from our planned Mission: ‘Enabling the disAbled People’.


Analysis clearly confirms that very poor awareness about ‘Enabling Environments’ is the root cause of this pernicious state.  This six month project will contribute in a sustainable way an effective solution to extenuate this pressing grievous problem of National importance and meet the essential needs of the people.


The successful outcome of this service oriented project will minimise unwanted dependencies and added burdens on society, enhance the quality of living of a wide range of people, which will in turn encourage their innate potential and increase their self reliance and, thereby, promote opportunities for gainful employment and productive community based rehabilitation.


The detailed project report runs systematically into forty four pages under eleven broad headings and includes various instruments designed regularly to Monitor and Report the Project’s Progress following its anticipated implementation in January 2006.  It provides you with a detailed explanation of how the much anticipated charitable gifts will be used (i.e. who will benefit and in what way) and presents a clear and explicit operating budget with costs and benefit analysis.


IDIRIYA  is in a desperate battle to beat our  DEAD LINE of  15th  November 2005   to raise  US$ 100,000 required for this very crucial project, your Website Support is significant.


How ever much small your possible contribution may be,  but donated cheerfully, IDIRIYA WILL accept with open arms, with deep gratitude and with a beaming smile. That's because we know you’re your PHILANTHROPIC  DOLLARS would go a very long way  than what you will ever know, towards us helping Tens of Thousand disAbled Sri Lankan People, who are EVEN DENIED of any Opportunities of gaining access to even a Shop or a Bank here independently!!


If you are DETERMINED to help IDIRIYA on this significant task on which they  embark,  please contact Secretary-General Dr Ajith Perera direct, on  quoting our website.


Thank you for the time and mind given to this appeal and for demonstrating your generosity, your humanity and your willingness to make a positive impact and positively affect the quality of precious human lives of tens of thousand fellow humans, who even enjoy no social security benefits or any state grants at all !